Welcome to OSCC55+ Fitness!


  • You are required to fill in a Get Active Questionnaire (GAQ ) prior to the first class
  • Please bring/wear appropriate, close-toe shoes, designed for fitness and comfortable non-restrictive clothing
  • Bring a reusable water bottle that can be refilled in our branch if necessary

Course Level Descriptions
In order to serve our members better there are “levels” for all courses. This will assist participants to choose the classes which best suit their needs and abilities.

  • Level 1: little to no experience
  • Level 2: have completed a Level 1 class
  • Level 3: have completed a Level 2 class
  • Level 4: have completed a Level 3 class
  • Level 5: most vigorous level
  • General: all levels are invited to participate


  • All fitness equipment is provided EXCEPT for stability balls.
  • Stability balls are required for Stability Ball classes ONLY.

For a complete list of all courses offered this session see the Activity Guide.